Friday, November 21, 2008

ew, soda

"Billboard ad". Stayed up till 5 am working on this, but only because I finally got an idea for it. There are a few problems, I'll probably fix and repost.

Monday, November 17, 2008

sketchy sketch

Just some recent sketches/doodles for me.

Concept art - Game design project

Not 100% complete, since I still want to add words/images to the newspapers and posters, as well as a few other changes after critique today I'm sure, but I am pleased with how this came out. Well, to a point. We were not allowed to use digital media for the final piece, and our choices were ink or gouache. I've never used gouache before, and after this lovely first time, I don't know that I like it much. I prefer working digitally anyway, it's much easier when you have control over everything to get a piece looking like what it is in your head.

Scanned in in two pieces (even with the god-scanner, it was hard, piece is something like 15x18 inches or so) and touched up in photoshop a bit to push the values - the scan really nommed on them and the black was never dark enough for me.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here are some of the pictures I've done for concept art class and some from digital drawing. Not happy with all of them, wish I could put a few more hours of work in, but alas.

the original file size of these two is pretty big, and they look better that way. We had to design our ideal studio/gallery space, and it was a project I was burnt out on and loathing far before the final pieces.

This was a quick piece I did to the prompt "pick a fairytale and change the ending". Stuff about the original drawing bothers me, but i'm not too unhappy with.
REALLY quick piece I did for a tutorial of how to color/draw digitally. I made up a story about it while doing it but have now forgotten it.

Part one of a cover for a dvd portfolio design for digital art.

Part two! Even though the top one was done based on a dream when I first moved into the dorms and the second one is my bed at the moment. oh well!

Next time: sketches and doodles and process work. Cheers.

Monday, September 8, 2008

rainforest dryad finished

Because after a 13 hour day of classes after very little sleep, the only way you're going to do work for yourself is if you do work for yourself.

That aside, I'm pleased with how this came out.

Monday, September 1, 2008

process and experimentation

What did I create this summer? Well, a great deal of doodles. And some interesting sketches. Lots of brainstorming, certainly; but pretty much no finished pieces. The semester has given my brain the kickstart it needed however, so I'm posting some process images here - a sketch I liked, and how I'm coloring it. Some stuff I like leaving lines on. I decided to push myself in a direction I don't often use this time, though.

This is the original sketch, a rainforest dryad - the concept was of a tree person, and I didn't want to use human proportions, so I made it very stylized. I drew... a lot of tree women this summer. The trend seems to be what's gripping my art right now.

And this is part of the way through coloring the skin properly after blocking out color everywhere else.

Above is a detail shot from a bit later in the picture. It still isn't finished - will post when done.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some drawings and stuff!

None of this is terribly recent, it's all from this semester and most of it is from my figure drawing in context class. Just the drawings I liked, really.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Greetings from the Madwoman

Hello. I've been encouraged to start one of these; I think it's a good idea. Here we are: me, currently a student and working my way towards a degree in Communication Arts... more specifically, Illustration. This is going to be a place for me to post my art and sketches, and blather about it. It probably won't get personal in terms of text content, but art is a personal thing.

I'm finishing up my Sophomore year. It feels good. I feel like I did learn - in ways I wasn't expecting, maybe, but learn I did.

My DeviantArt is here. It has some older stuff and some much newer stuff, some of which I'll be posting here.

For now, I'm just glad I thought of a title.

Have some art.