Friday, September 4, 2009

Some new stuff

I just wanted to draw this pose, and then couldnt figure out what to do with her face. I was trying masks but they all looked too super-heroey even when they were creepy or weird or traditional.

Zombies. Not much more to that!

Tree women :) I'll probably either do ink washes or do something digital-colorwise with this.

Teacup mermaid.

Some summer stuff

This is from mid spring, very loose but I'm fond of it.

The upstairs room of very dear friends. I find that doing this particular exercise (pick any point to start from, draw a room) is very calming, and that room is calming too.

Characters from a novel I was writing over the summer.

Characters from a scene from said novel. Really oughta work on that more when i get a minute!

This is another image from the past spring, which is almost a thumbnail for a large scale painting I'd like to do at some point.