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Spooky Ladies

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Tree Schedules

Commissioned by Nele :) I had a lot of fun working on these since it's not something I would have thought of myself!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dr Sketchy's Baltimore 11/13

This month's Dr Sketchys in Baltimore featured Kiki Allure! She was a delightful model and I had a good time. I've been working on doing more gesture drawings lately and I could tell my approach was a little different this month, which was pretty gratifying. A friend reminded me that going back over the sketches to refine or add detail can be a good memory game as well as making things prettier, hence the color. (The marker in the 10 minute one is apparently water based! I kind of love making discoveries like that mid-paint, it's like an awesome surprise. Does anyone else remember the watercolor coloring books with the pigment already in the page just waiting for water to magically appear? No?)

At the first 20 minute pose, the night's third contest was announced. This one struck a chord with me because it was "best incorporation of Neil Gaiman or his work because it was his birthday recently" and because Neil Gaiman is one of my all time favorite storytellers, I did my very best and I won the contest. ^_^ I won a very shiny artbook by Shag called Autumn's Come Undone.

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